The Network Convergence Platform™ by Carnegie Technologies puts MNOs, MSOs and MVNOs in control of their own mobile wireless service offerings, while providing a superior user experience on both Android and iOS. It reduces your partner network data costs with policy-based network selection and provides critical insights into Wi-Fi and cellular performance, irrespective of whether it is your or a partners network.  

Our Network Convergence Platform is now available as a standalone application or in SDK format for both Android and iOS



Mobile Service Providers who want to add Wi-Fi while ensuring the same experience as their primary cellular service now have a solution.  Carnegie's NCP optimally and consistently combines Wi-Fi and cellular networks to ensure users enjoy their mobile experience.  

Ubiquitous access across licensed and unlicensed networks is becoming a critical element of service provider strategies to improve customer experience, reduce churn, support new revenue streams and reduce costs. The Network Convergence Platform by Carnegie Technologies provides the critical factors for success: a robust and uninterrupted user experience with our industry leading Link Aggregation, True Gapless Handover™, Connection Management and more. 


For Cable Operators and MVNOs 

Until now, the integration of Wi-Fi and cellular networks has been a complex problem, as devices favor a Wi-Fi connection. Much to the users’ frustration, as service providers roll out 802.1x automatic authentication, Wi-Fi connections are happening when it may not be optimal for the application.  If the device is connected to bad Wi-Fi, more data goes over the cellular network, creating high data usage, which is why attempts by device manufacturers has suffered in the past. Carnegie’s Bandwidth Aggregation uses operator policy to automatically find and authenticate the best Wi-Fi possible before using cellular, while still guaranteeing a performance that matches a user’s expectations and data plan.