At Carnegie Technologies, we bring together the best and brightest to challenge the status quo and develop real, revenue-generating communications products that take advantage of the fundamental shifts in the communications technology ecosystem.

Founded in 2010 following a successful 20-year history operating wireless networks and developing adjunct communications products, Carnegie Technologies is a communications company with industry experience and engineering teams on four continents.

We have deep expertise in app development and software for mobile devices, cellular core network operations, and more, that we now leverage to drive the development of the next generation of communications technology




Paul Posner
Chief Executive Officer

Paul Struhsaker
Chief Technical Officer - Labs

Ivan Knezevic
CEO, Carnegie Serbia

Brad Bush
Managing Director,
Internet of Things

John Goocher
Managing Director

Adam Brenner
General Manager Mobility & Satellite Products

Peter Feldman
Chief Operating Officer

Matt Hovis
Chief Creative Officer