Our technologies expand capabilities and enhance the way things get done. Our ideas and intellectual property are the foundation for our portfolio of companies, each committed to creating products and solutions that empower our customers to lead. 

We develop smart, stand-alone solutions for a broad array of business operations. A global brain trust of engineers and developers continue our legacy of solving industry challenges in both mature and emerging markets: expanding connectivity to remote areas, enhancing network performance, and offering the world’s only comprehensive out-of-the-box IoT solution.

Founded in 2010, Carnegie was born of the possibility of meeting the shifting demands on your network, your worksite, and your workforce. With our technologies, now you can



Paul Posner
Chief Executive Officer

Paul Struhsaker
Chief Technical Officer - Labs

Jeff Allyn 720x720.jpg

Jeff Allyn
Chief Executive Officer, NXTBoard

Ivan Knezevic
CEO, Carnegie Serbia

Brad Bush
Managing Director, IoT

George Santacroce Headshot.png

George Santacroce
Chief Commercial Officer

Vincent Butta
Chief Marketing Officer

Christia Churchill
Director of Human Resources


Maya Walker
Vice President, Finance

Peter Feldman
Chief Operating Officer

Matt Hovis
Chief Creative Officer