when two networks are better than one

Our patented Bandwidth Aggregation solution improves video streaming, voice, data and augmented reality applications by combining Wi-Fi and mobile network throughput for faster speeds and higher reliability.  Policy control is based on QoS, best effort, highest quality or cost.

Avoid network slowdowns and degradation of service caused by congestion or poor coverage by utilizing all available networks to increase network capacity. Carnegie Technologies’ patented algorithms aggregate network traffic over LTE, Wi-Fi, satellite, DSL, cable, or other IP networks. 

Bandwidth Aggregation is offered as a part of our NCP SDK that can be integrated into existing Android and iOS applications or as standalone application for Android, Linux, embedded, and telematics devices.


KEY Benefits

  • Performs real-time network comparisons to determine which one is best at that time and place
  • No interrupted and dropped calls
    (e.g., User leaves home on Wi-Fi call and call continues without interruption while switching to cellular network)
  • Allows for control of handover by application
  • Works well with any handset
  • Power-efficient
  • Overlaps cellular and Wi-Fi during handover by duplicating data to ensure transparent experience