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Own your brand. Own your app. Monetize quickly with Sprigg for Influencers.

Sprigg, a Carnegie Technologies company, provides a powerful, turnkey mobile engagement platform that can be implemented as a robust, white-label mobile app through our mobile engagement SDK.

There are two versions of the platform:

  • Sprigg for Business, which is designed to enhance your consumer experience through robust marketing capabilities (partner, affiliate, and sponsorship marketing), consumer care messaging, loyalty and rewards programs by using personalized push notifications.
  • Sprigg for Influencers, which gives content creators, celebrities, and online communities a simple way to launch their own, branded white-label app so they can better monetize their followers and brand integrations.

In both cases, the Sprigg platform has been designed to help businesses and influencers expand the way they engage with mobile without the high development costs or complications involved in doing it on their own: and if you have an existing app, you can enhance its functionality immediately.

Sprigg for Business

Launch your own white-label app with a fraction of time and resources of custom app development or immediate enhance your existing app.

Sprigg for Business enables brands to launch their own white-label app with a fraction of time and resources that custom app development takes. We enable brands to focus on a mobile-first strategy, built with features that your consumers will use so you can connect more personally and frequently, leading to increased consumer satisfaction and increased revenues. Brands can pick and choose from the following feature sets that can be adapted to meet the specific needs of their business:

Curated Content: The Sprigg for Business platform is designed around sorted content that your consumers can follow to personalize how they interact with your brand. This content can belong to enterprise, affiliate partners, influencers, events, community outreach efforts, and more.

Consumer Care: More and more consumers expect to communicate with enterprises through mobile and without talking to a representative. Our platform enables you to enhance your consumer care through rich multimedia chat, SMS, and even 1-on-1 video so that consumers connect with you on their terms, when they want, how they want.

Marketing: Use the power of push notifications to provide personalized, timely and relevant info and offers, leading to a much more engaging mobile experience for your consumers and higher conversion rates. Combine geo-location and user segmentation data to build personal profiles and offer contextual offers so you can deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Loyalty & Rewards: Enhance or easily deploy a loyalty and rewards programs with rich features including points levelling and gamification to keep your consumers coming back for more.

Sprigg for Influencers

Sprigg for Influencers helps influencers expand the way they engage with followers by creating a new branded destination for fans to engage and interact with. Our influencer solution is the first of its kind designed specifically to help better monetize fan bases via mobile. The platform gives influencers and online communities the ability to create and quickly launch apps where they can reward and deepen engagement with their most loyal followers while at the same time realizing new sources of revenue.

In a few simple steps, influencers are up and running without the time and expense of app development:

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