Ben Toner


Ben is a Wi-Fi technology and business specialist, as well as an ANDSF expert, who has worked with operators to research, understand, and find ways to deliver the optimal Wi-Fi connectivity experience. He founded and operated SmartSwitch, an innovative policy-on-the-device product that provides highly intelligent and customizable connection management and analytics for Android and iOS platforms. This is now an integral component of the powerful Carnegie NCP software suite.

Over the last 5 years, Ben has been instrumental in defining the connection management landscape. He has analysed the Wi-Fi services of numerous high-profile operators in Europe and the US, and provided insight into the customer experiences they offer.

Ben and his team pride themselves on their engineering approach, deconstructing the Google and Apple platforms down to the source code and detailed experimental levels, and developing technologies that enhance the deep inner workings of these host platforms to redefine a user’s optimum connectivity experience.

Ben Toner

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