Grant Powell


Grant Powell is a one-of-a-kind digital innovator who possesses a unique ability to combine creativity, logic, engineering and business savvy to conceptualize viable approaches to new world demands. There are few who can contend with Grant's two decades of leadership and expertise in digital brand strategy, digital advertising, user experience and user interface design, mobile application development, startup innovation and blockchain programming; he has produced over 1,000 digital ad campaign concepts for Fortune 500 brands, as well as over 200 websites and applications, and has been a founding member of several startups.

Grant cut his teeth in digital advertising at Google, and left to form the digital agency Pomegranate in 2008, where he fathered the concept of the “network agency” model – a new way of organizing talent and servicing enterprise brands. In 2015, Pomegranate and DBOX partnered up to create DBOX Digital, which Grant exited in 2018. Grant boasts notoriety in developing the first live streaming concerts on YouTube (for U2, Coachella, Alicia Keys, and more), the first application to integrate with Spotify's web API, and the first ever peer-to-peer secured lending platform.

Along the way, Grant has been a founding member of two well-known bands (Lifehouse and Dawes), and has become an avid numismatist (collector/dealer of rare coins).

Grant Powell

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