Sparked provides boards of public and private organizations with transformative tools that help them become more accountable, actionable and able to positively impact outcomes in their organizations.

We go beyond board management. With Sparked, boards can learn to implement and use frameworks that meet the highest levels of board governance today and as governance continues to evolve.

Boards partnering with Sparked can achieve the transparency and accountability they need while making the day-to-day of managing and serving on a board much simpler.

Now you can streamline processes, increase efficiencies and reduce costs, all through Sparked’s secure, online environment.



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With Sparked, Now Boards Can

Access all the information they need in a single place, anywhere, anytime.

Make board meetings more efficient.

Increase transparency of the board and board activities to key stakeholders.

Have a bigger impact on organizational outcomes.

Reduce the hard and soft costs associated with board activities.

Reduce the time to onboard new members.

Simplify the coordination and arrangement of board meetings.

Remove inefficiencies caused by internal and departmental silos.

Adopt and evaluate the progress of goals and actions set during meetings.

Improve policy development and management.

Enable members to engage and be held accountable.

Implement and use a Continuous Improvement Framework (CIF) for governance compliance.