Analyze trends, review geofence maps, create alerts, manage tasks, all on your iPhone or Android device. Longview’s software hub can be deployed locally and in the cloud so your IoT network is always available to collect data from your sensors and present it to you.



Carnegie Technologies designed the Longview Platform from inception with security in mind. We use the latest encryption techniques and device-based security to ensure that your IoT network secure from the sensor endpoints to the user application.  The Longview proprietary security is all in addition to the LoRa-based security which comes as part of the LoRaWAN standard.  Let us show you how secure the IoT can really be.



The Longview Platform can be hosted locally and in the cloud, allowing for your IoT network to always be available, even if your internet connection is unavailable. The software is built in a modern way with independent service layers for all components - supporting 100,000’s of concurrent data requests.



The internet of things is all about creating data... large amounts of data. What use is that data to you if you can’t easily report it, analyze it, and make decisions based on it. The Longview Platform includes a set of modern data reports and charts to make it easy to see trends in your data. Let us show you the trends in your IoT data today.



The user experience happens in your hand with IoT applications. That is why Longview applications are available on mobile devices - both iPhone and Android.  We placed emphasis on easy to read graphics and buttons that are simple to understand and press in the field. The most used features are not hidden under menus, but are right there when you open the application. Let us demonstrate how easy our applications are for you and your team to start using today.



The Longview platform includes features to easily add and manage new sensors. Your network will be setup by an installer who will combine your gateways and sensors together into a LoRaWAN network and connect them to the Longview platform. Our operations center will continually monitor your network to make sure you are always up and running and can add new sensors for you easily.