Longview Enterprise IoT Platform

Longview is an end-to-end enterprise-grade IoT Platform. From sensors, to the cloud to the user experience, it just works. Set for launch in early 2018.



When it comes to your business, you don’t want to worry about how to connect sensors, configure software or integrate multiple vendor offerings. You want to measure what is important to your business and use those measurements to drive better decisions that save you time and money. We have done the hard work for you - the end-to-end Longview platform comes pre-configured with industry leading solutions for oil and gas, construction and ranching. We are continually adding additional vertical solutions, and can help you develop a solution specific to your industry.  




Hardware is hard… but it doesn’t have to be. We custom engineered the Longview platform gateway and sensors for reliability, scale and cost.  We designed device-based security into each piece of hardware from the beginning.  The hardware communicates on the LoRa open standards radio interface, which boasts a growing ecosystem of diverse partners. LoRa is known for longer battery life and large coverage range. It only takes days to setup your own private network and start measuring what is important to you.




Data is useless if you can’t see it, understand it, and put it to work. The Longview platform has a local and cloud hub architecture that makes sure your data is always available. The analytics engine stores, analyzes and reports your data in ways that are meaningful to you. The mobile user experience allows for quick location and properties of any sensor or asset as well as a view to alerts and tasks related to sensors. Finally, we wrap it in an easy to use operating system that makes deploying and managing your sensors pain free.




Have you ever wanted to own your own technology business, but just don’t know where to get started? Sensorium could be the answer. Sensorium is our IoT Business-in-a-box. We have created end-to-end solutions that run on the Longview platform for enterprises, schools and governments. We will train you to sell these into your local market and support you with marketing material. Are you ready for the IoT revolution? Get ready to join Sensorium. Launching summer 2018.