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Carnegie Labs is the research and development division of Carnegie Technologies.  It provides the innovation pipeline and incubation of cutting-edge technology solutions and services the company brings to market. Its innovations empower mobile operators, MSOs, telco operators, and enterprises with solutions that drive revenue and enhance end user experience.

The Carnegie Labs team develops wireless access and connectivity technology in the cellular, satellite, wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), and IoT markets. It’s an active participant in technology standards meetings (3GPP and IEEE) and the primary evaluator of partners, suppliers, and investments for our product pipeline.  

Carnegie Labs creates specific solutions for next-generation mobile telecommunications networks that will allow people and machines to communicate effectively from every corner of the world. The first of these developments is in the satellite access communications space.  





Satellite access point with patent-pending smart antenna technology providing up to 8x antenna gain vs. handheld satellite phones. Horizon to horizon satellite tracking. Connects to any smartphone via Wi-Fi. VLR allows cellular roaming over satellite networks.

Foldable Ku Satellite Antenna

Portable Ku antennas are used throughout the world to provide voice, video, and data feeds from any location. These systems typically cost tens of thousands of dollars and are far too large to hand carry. Our unique, patent-pending, folded Ku solution breaks the size and cost barrier and allows a single person to carry and install anywhere.

Animal Tracker

Our first agricultural IoT product is a tracking system for herd animals. Current animal tracking solutions fall in one of two categories: very inexpensive RFID tags in near field (mostly indoor) environments for a massive number of animals or exorbitantly expensive cellular or satellite collars for a small number of animals in extreme, remote environments. Animal Tracker fills the gap by providing mid-range animal tracking at a fraction of the cost of long-range solutions.

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