Measuring wireless quality based on signal strength is like selecting a highway based on the number of lanes – it works well when there is no traffic, but if the highway is congested you end up with slow speeds. Smartphone users use the number of “bars” to determine network quality, and then are frustrated when the network doesn’t work as expected – because these bars completely ignore the amount of congestion. 

Edge Analytics by Carnegie Technologies provides an in-depth look at how an application behaves on different wireless networks.  Detailed real-time and historical information identifies network issues as they occur and allows for rapid respond to issues and outages.


FEATURES and benefits

Monitoring all Wi-Fi connections for connection success rate 

Understand how your Wi-Fi infrastructure is performing and quickly find misconfigurations or malfunctions 

Benchmark quality of operator/partner Wi-Fi 

Through assessing all of the Wi-Fi networks a user connects to, an operator can understand how their Wi-Fi services compare in quality and usage 

Benchmark cellular network performance 

Crowd sourcing cellular network quality to fully understand (by location and time) the cellular service your customers are getting 

User experience monitoring 

Collect intelligence on user experience across time and location and quickly identify the reasons for poor experiences 

Target network locations for detailed insights 

Policy controlled analytics allows remote reconfiguration of the tests, metrics and data collection frequency from existing deployed devices 

Insight into data usage across all networks 

Understand where customers use data off your network, and gain insight into where future operator services should be targeted 

User initiated network tests 

Enhanced network tests and debug information to assist with customer support 

Compare and trend connection management performance 

KPIs to compare with and without connection management and trends over time 

Standards Compliant 

ITU standards-based MOS score for Web, Video and VoIP 



Provides real-time VoIP diagnostics to identify and resolve call quality issues. Reduce churn and improve customer satisfaction with remote monitoring to resolve issues proactively. 

  • Call quality (mean opinion score)

  • Call efficiency

  • Call duration

  • Call timeline

  • Dropped and completed calls

  • Audio dropouts

  • Networks used

  • Network transitions

  • Network latency and packet loss



  • Our Quality Network Score (QNS) technology is a true representation of network experience for user applications. Using ITU standards to measure the performance of Web, VoIP, and Video over wireless networks, it reflects wireless, backhaul and core network quality – not just signal strength. 

  • This quality data is then uploaded to the quality server for detailed reporting and analytics, allowing administrators to identify when application problems are actually network problems. 

  • Operators obtain quality-based coverage maps that identify capacity and performance issues in real time – without needing to send out a technician.