We are a company dedicated to eradicating communication boundaries – with ground-breaking technologies in mobile networking, satellite communications, and the Internet of Things (IoT). We remove barriers to cost and access with solutions that expand the reach of rich communication networks and reduce the burdens of delivery. 



Seamless, high-speed and carefree connectivity across all network types

With Carnegie Technologies’ Network Convergence Platform, now you can enjoy the best connection available, a consistent and optimized user experience, valuable network intelligence, and a real effect on your bottom line.

Mobile customers today want seamless, high-speed and care-free connectivity wherever they are – without the confines of a particular network. Carnegie’s Network Convergence Platform (NCP) delivers the best and most consistent user experience as mobile customers move about their day between cellular, Wi-Fi and other networks, whether they’re streaming video, using voice, data and even augmented reality applications.


Breaking the Size and Cost Barrier

Despite the global proliferation of mobile connectivity, much of the planet remains uncovered by today’s networks – leaving whole communities, remote industries, first responders, and those adventuring beyond the horizon without the ability to communicate. Our game-changing solutions break the size and cost barriers, making satellite communications easy, affordable and accessible to just about anyone by enabling full-featured voice, messaging and data over satellite utilizing their own mobile phones and phone numbers. 



Internet of things

Making IoT Easy

Practically every business in the world stands to benefit greatly from the efficiencies and intelligence provided by IoT solutions, but deploying these systems is currently a complicated and messy process – resulting in unstable and inconsistent assemblies of parts and pieces from different vendors that do not seamlessly integrate. Carnegie Technologies' Longview platform simplifies the deployment of IoT systems for tracking the people and things that matter most in your business. Our end-to-end platform seamlessly integrates sensors, security, and data analytics and gives you custom-packaged solutions that you can use immediately. 


Cooking Up What's Next

Carnegie Labs is the research and development division of Carnegie Technologies.  It provides the innovation pipeline and incubation of cutting-edge technology solutions and services the company brings to market. Its innovations empower mobile operators, MSOs, telco operators, and enterprises with solutions that drive revenue and enhance end user experience.