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NEWS / 11.01.17

Carnegie Technologies Acquires SmartSwitch From Chemring Technology Solutions

Combining Forces to Deliver the Most Comprehensive Mobile Wi-Fi Experience Solution Austin, Texas and Romsey, UK (November 1, 2017) – Carnegie Technologies, a leading wireless connectivity solutions provider, announced today its acquisition of the assets of SmartSwitch from Chemring Technology Solutions Ltd, a subsidiary of Chemring Group PLC (LSE: CHG), which pioneered a comprehensive connection management solution for MNOs and MSOs for their Wi-Fi HetNets.  The strategic acquisition of the SmartSwitch assets brings 3GPP ANDSF and Hot Spot 2.0 compliant connection management technology that Carnegie will integrate into its Network Convergence Platform. The acquisition also includes a supporting patent portfolio as well as extensive experience and knowledge that complements that of Carnegie.


BLOG / 09.05.17

The Emperor Has No Clothes: Is Throttling Inevitable as Many Suggest Or Are We Just Missing the Bigger Picture?

By now you probably know that Verizon wireless has begun putting caps on video streaming applications such as Netflix and others (read The Verge article here outlining the changes).  When we called the provider to ask, the sales agent was very quick to correct us when we used the word “throttle” and told us that it wasn’t at all throttling but instead “prioritization” of traffic based on the subscription plan of the user.  


BLOG / 08.08.17

Apple's Announcement on MPTCP Support and What it Means to Developers

Apple’s recent announcement supporting MPTCP in iOS 11 has created quite a stir with developers. Networking engineer Stuart Cheshire made the introduction at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference by stating “The iPhones that we all have are inherently multipath devices. They have multiple radios in them. For the most part, today we only use one radio at a time. It’s time we start having multipath protocols for multipath devices.” We at Carnegie Technologies have been saying that statement for quite a few years. It’s not news that all smart phones and many other devices today can support multiple networks out of the box, so it only makes sense that leaving one of those connections idle is wasting time and money, especially if it can be accomplished by just adding some enabling software.


NEWS / 06.27.17

In the news – Carnegie and Continental Collaboration

Our new collaboration with Continental is hitting many news outlets this week. Here's a sampling from PC Mag.  

Over-the-air (OTA) software updates are commonplace these days; we hardly notice them unless badgered by pop-ups when new software arrives. But as cars become computers on wheels, the need for OTA updates is now crucial, especially with the threat of connected, autonomous vehicles being hacked. With the exception of Tesla, only a few mainstream automakers offer limited OTA or manual updates, and they are mostly for infotainment. Mega automotive supplier Continental wants to change this. At an event I attended this week in Germany, the company introduced an OTA update platform that could not only keep car software current, but also enhance connectivity and security. Read the full article here. 


NEWS / 06.14.17

Carnegie Technologies Teams Up with Continental for Network Convergence

Deal brings secure, fast, reliable and gapless connectivity to connected vehicles Austin, Texas; Kitchener, Ontario; and Hanover, Germany  (June 14, 2017) – Carnegie Technologies, the industry’s leading wireless connectivity solutions provider, and the technology company Continental announced a deal today that further expands Continental’s portfolio of holistic vehicle connectivity for vehicle manufacturers by integrating Carnegie’s Network Convergence Platform. Under the agreement, Continental is reselling Carnegie Technologies’ Network Convergence Platform as part of Continental’s Smart Telematics portfolio for vehicle manufacturers. The solution runs on Continental’s next generation telematics control unit (TCU) with a supporting cloud-based component for analytics and diagnostics.   As cars move along the roadways, this technology provides bandwidth aggregation and gapless handover of calls and data for faster speeds and seamless switching between different networks, such as Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G, and satellite. These capabilities are essential for new data-intensive applications such as autonomous driving and over the air (OTA) vehicle updates, ensuring that vehicles and drivers can always make use of the fastest, most reliable and most secure network connection available to the automobile. 


BLOG / 05.22.17

Wi-Fi NOW AND the Challenges of Keeping the World Connected

We’ve presented at the two most recent Wi-Fi NOW conferences (in Washington DC a few weeks ago and just last week in Cape Town, South Africa).  Our sessions titled “A New Platform for Wi-Fi and Cellular” were well attended, and we weren’t surprised given the overall interest in bandwidth aggregation, network convergence and wireless access management that were pervasive throughout the conference.  The audiences at both events were quite diverse, coming from very different parts of the world with different customer bases and infrastructure realities, but one thing remained the same: users want and need to be connected, and making sure the capacity and quality of the networks can handle that flow will be key to keeping them happy.


BLOG / 03.17.17

Highlights from Mobile World Congress 2017

We once again had the opportunity to attend Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  This is one of the highlights of the year for the mobile industry, as it brings together the most respected thought leaders, innovators, manufacturers and developers in the industry.  It’s always a dynamic and exciting event, and this year proved to be no different. Here’s an overview of what we saw and some of our observations and thoughts:


NEWS / 03.06.17

World's Most Advanced Lightweight & Compact Ku Antenna Transforms Remote & Temporary Satellite Communications


WASHINGTON, D.C. and SAN ANTONIO, TX (March 6, 2017) – Remote wireless communications just got a whole lot easier and faster as Carnegie Technologiesannounced today the debut of the world’s first Foldable Ku Antenna for satellite communications.   The Foldable Ku Antenna uses the most advanced technologies and materials available today to create the most powerful Ku-band antenna small enough to fit into a backpack and easy enough for one man to carry, assemble and link in just a couple of minutes.    The announcement was made at the Satellite 2017 industry conference in Washington, D.C. running today through March 9th.  Carnegie Technologies developed the Foldable Ku Antenna in a partnership with the Southwest Research Institute® (SwRI®), a United States defense contractor and one of the oldest and largest independent, nonprofit, applied research and development organizations in the United States.  The antenna’s revolutionary design uses rugged UV-stabilized PVC with metalized reflector surfaces to deliver Ultra High Throughput Ku-band transmissions more quickly and easily than ever before. 


NEWS / 03.06.17

Turning Any SmartPhone Into a Satellite Phone, Carnegie's SatBridge Debuts To Bring Satellite Communications to the Masses


  WASHINGTON, D.C. and SAN ANTONIO, TX (March 6, 2017) – Leaving no corner of the earth uncovered for phone and data connectivity, Carnegie Technologies announced today the launch of SatBridge, the first enterprise-grade satellite hotspot that turns any smartphone into a satellite phone for reliable connectivity in the most remote locations or emergency situations.  The announcement was made at the Satellite 2017 industry conference in Washington, D.C. running today through March 9th.  SatBridge boasts the most powerful satellite phone antenna ever made, with 8x the signal strength and performance of other handheld satellite phones.  It’s affordable, simple to use and highly portable, measuring about the size of a paperback book and weighing about three pounds – perfect for transporting in a backpack, keeping in a glove compartment, on a boat or in a closet for emergency situations.