Carnegie Satellite Solutions (CSS) is a division of Carnegie Technologies that is dedicated to breaking the cost and size barriers that have kept general consumers out of satellite communications. Our game-changing solutions makes satellite communications easy, affordable and accessible to just about anyone, including outdoor enthusiasts, remote workers, disaster recovery teams, first responders and much more.


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Turn Any Smartphone into a Satellite Phone

The new SatBridge is the most feature-rich, low-cost satellite hotspot in the world. SatBridge is an innovative, attractive, and compact unit that enables any smartphone to access satellite networks with 20 times the performance of a traditional handheld satellite phone. Ideal for emergency backup communications, remote workers, and those that adventure beyond the cellular coverage zone. 



carnegie connectivity cloud


The most feature-rich and technically advanced calling and messaging solution for satellite communications  

The new Carnegie Connectivity Cloud (C3) brings the mobile industry’s leading Network Convergence Platform to the world of Satellite for the first time – with "follow-me" roaming, smart connection management, and true gapless handover. 

Users can utilize their own phone numbers for calling, messaging and data - a feature unmatched in the industry. As a user you have no two-stage dialing or international call charges, and a full-featured calling and messaging app.



Ku antenna

Lightweight Transportable Ku-Band Antenna

Our unique patent-pending Ku-Band Satellite Antenna combines advanced technology with durable materials to break the size and cost barrier for mission-critical remote communications. 

Designed for easy remote transport, a single person can carry, install and link the antenna anywhere within minutes.