The most feature-rich and technically advanced calling and messaging solution for satellite communications

The new Carnegie Connectivity Cloud (C3) brings the mobile industry’s leading Network Convergence Platform to the world of Satellite for the first time – with “follow-me” roaming, smart connection management, and true gapless handover.

C3 enables calling, messaging and data over satellite while using your own mobile phone and your own mobile number, a capability long sought after by the satellite industry and its customers. 

C3 is bundled within a custom calling and messaging app with mobile network operator-class features and user experience, for both Android and iOS devices.  


Rich calling and messaging features

  • Best-in-class networking technologies included, like smart connection management
  • Voicemail, message transcription
  • Hotspot supports selective ringing for multiple mobile devices concurrently
  • Local “Push-to-talk”

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