Carnegie Satellite Solutions’ unique patent-pending Ku Band Satellite Antenna combines advanced technology with durable materials to break the size and cost barrier for mission-critical remote communications.  This 1.0m, offset feed Ku Band antenna with mount, are designed for maximum portability.  Using the antenna’s custom backpack, a single person can carry, install and link the antenna anywhere within minutes. 

Whether it’s remote oil drilling operations sending sample data for analysis, military operations, first responders monitoring wildfires and floods, or media outlets that need small, highly mobile crews to cover breaking news events, the Ku Band Satellite Antenna delivers a powerful, highly portable antenna to communicate more quickly than ever before.




  • Oil and Gas Exploration
  • Remote Construction
  • Military
  • Public Safety
  • Broadcast Media


  • Reflector Diameter Equivalent:  1.0m
  • Tx gain:  39 dB
  • Rx gain:  37dB
  • Packaged size:  28”W x 36”H x 12”D
  • Weight:  43 lbs (20kg)


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