the Worlds’ fastest commercially-available satellite hotspot


Send and receive calls, messages, and data from anywhere in the world


With SatBridge, the Worlds’ fastest commercially-available satellite hotspot, now you can use your phone features just like you would at home – including the use of your own mobile number – while enabling simultaneous connectivity for up to eight devices



SatBridge's Wi-Fi Access Point functionality creates a portable, local communications network with free and unlimited peer-to-peer calling, messaging and data usage. For P2P communications, SatBridge can enable up to 32 smart devices. 



No two-stage dialing

The only satellite service with "follow-me roaming" – send and receive calls and messages using your mobile number. SatBridge and it's accompanying mobile app comes equipped with key technologies from Carnegie Technologies' industry-leading Network Convergence Platform, bringing intelligent network selection to the world of satellite for the first time. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Detachable antenna enables indoor Wi-Fi coverage
  • Full-featured app enables calls, messages, and easy set-up – Android and iOS
  • Best-in-class networking technologies included, such as smart connection management
  • GPS locator and one-touch SOS button
  • Rechargeable Li-ion batteries, and enables unlimited talk and standby time


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