The only all-in-one board portal that helps boards do more than just manage.

The NXTBoard platform is an online board portal designed to help board members become more effective and efficient during board meetings and beyond.

The platform is the first-of-its-kind to combine board management and strategic planning features and it can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any device through any web browser.  

Make being a board member easy

Give every board member, new and old, easy anywhere, anytime access to the information they need to do their jobs, so they can focus their time on making a difference instead of shuffling through papers.

Take the pain out of planning board meetings

Use the platform to create and update board packets, send calendar updates, make event details and relevant documents publicly available, and make a forever record of minutes and meeting records.

Get everyone on the same page

Comprehensive reports help get new board members up-to-speed fast; let members know what tasks are assigned to them and when they’re due; and automatically show monitoring goals for the next meeting.



Next-Generation Customer Care and Digital Engagement Tools

With Octopus' suite of carrier-grade customer engagement tools, businesses, enterprises and mobile operators can rethink the way a contact center can be used. With full, Interactive Multi-media Messaging, Conversational Commerce, and complete Pre and Post-Sales Loyalty Programs, now you can drive new revenue, reduce operational costs, keep customers engaged, and reduce churn. Octopus is designed for simple integration into existing mobile apps via our white-labeled Software Defined Kit (SDK).


Next-Generation Customer Care

Octopus' delivers a complete customer care solution with two-way Interactive Multi-media Messaging that supports video, graphics, web links and contextual customer intelligence – transforming traditional call centers into meaningful and rewarding customer experiences. No more dial and wait...

Partner Channels

Octopus builds new revenue with it's new digital marketplace, designed to bring brand partners into the conversation. Each participating partner gets its own brand channel and complete back-end marketing tools to share promotions, coupons and special offers which customers can choose to follow or discover through use of the operators application. Customer Care representatives can incorporate these channels directly into their communication with customers, sweetening the deal for all. 

Conversational Commerce

The Octopus platform enables true conversational commerce – the ability to deliver relevant, contextual offers and complete transactions – while never leaving the chat thread.