We are a company dedicated to Moving Mobile Forward – with ground-breaking technologies in mobile networking, satellite communications, and the internet of things. We aim to break the cost and access barriers with solutions that expand the reach of communication networks and reduce the burdens of delivery. 



Delivering Ubiquitous Connectivity

Ubiquitous access across licensed and unlicensed networks is becoming a critical element of service provider and content application strategies to improve customer experience, reduce churn, support new revenue streams and reduce costs. The Network Convergence Platform by Carnegie Technologies provides the critical factors for success.


Expanding the Reach

Carnegie Satellite Solutions (CSS) is a division of Carnegie Technologies that is dedicated to breaking the cost and size barriers that have kept general consumers out of satellite communications. Our game-changing solutions makes satellite communications easy, affordable and accessible to just about anyone, including outdoor enthusiasts, remote workers, disaster recovery teams, first responders and much more.



Internet of things

Carnegie Technologies' Longview IoT platform provides custom built solutions for tracking the people and things that matter most in your business. We take the hassle out of sensor integration, security, data analytics and the user experience and give you a packaged solution that you can use immediately.


Cooking Up What's Next

Carnegie Labs is the research and development division of Carnegie Technologies.  It provides the innovation pipeline and incubation of cutting-edge technology solutions and services the company brings to market. Its innovations empower mobile operators, MSOs, telco operators, and enterprises with solutions that drive revenue and enhance end user experience.



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