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The Future of Smart Satellite Communications

Our mission is to transform how people communicate over satellite.

Carnegie Satellite Solutions offers technical superiority and a dedication to be the leader in satellite communications and connectivity.

Smart Terminals

Our Smart Terminals make anywhere, anytime connectivity a reality. With Carnegie Satellite Solutions, companies and consumers can use their smart devices' full capabilities to connect and communicate over satellite.

Smart COTP Terminal

The Smart COTP Terminal is the "tip-of-the-spear," the entry point to a burgeoning market for go-anywhere, do-anything bandwidth. With unmatched antenna performance, the Smart COTP Terminal is powerful, beautifully designed and completed supported by our network operations center and suite of back end, interconnection and third-party distribution services.

Smart COTM Terminal (coming soon)

With no moving parts and multiple antennas, Carnegie Satellite Solutions engineered the Smart COTM Terminal for the rigors of commercial fishing and other near-shore maritime businesses. It has all the communications-in-a-box capabilities as the flagship smart terminal and can be used on the move at sea, on land, when tracking moving satellites.

Beam-Forming Terminal (coming soon)

Beam-forming technology is typically found on commercial aircraft and large maritime vessels (cruise ships, yachts, cargo ships) and military applications. Carnegie Satellite Solutions has taken a completely different approach than other antenna manufacturers. When fully developed, our Beam-Forming Terminal will be the world's lowest cost, highest-performance Ku/Ka band satellite antenna in the Electrically Steered Antenna (ESA)/Phased Array category.

Field Area Network (coming soon)

Users can instantly deploy a network optimized for local voice, messaging and IoT communications.

Thuraya SatBridge

The world's fastest L-band satellite terminal

The Thuraya SatBridge makes anywhere, anytime, any-situation communications a reality by enabling users to remotely connect to networks with satellite hotspots that instantly enable the full capabilities of their smart devices, to talk, text, email and browse wherever they are in the world, under any conditions.

The terminal uses superior satellite antenna technology to ensure the best remote communications experience for multiple users simultaneously. The best-in-class Thuraya SatBridge app provide users with a seamless communications experience that allows them to use their devices as they do every day. And the terminal can be set up in three minutes or less, so that users can get online fast.

Available in early 2020, get ready to never be out of reach again with the Thuraya SatBridge.

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