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Lose the Gap, Not the Customer.

Carnegie's Network Convergence Platform closes the gap between wireless networks, enabling your customers to stay connected to the world, to each other, and to you. With patented technology, NCP combines signals from cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite, and other networks to create seamless transitions for your users, every step of the way. With NCP, now you can:

  • + Prevent dropped calls
  • + Increase data speeds and reliability
  • + Intelligently connect users to the best available network
  • + Analyze in-depth data about network performance
  • + Improve customer service at lower costs

Connection Management

Carnegie's Connection Manager with Intelligent Network Selection delivers the best and most consistent user experience as mobile customers move about their day between cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite, and other networks. The embedded software assesses the quality of all available networks and selects the best choice based on operator policies.

Network Quality Analytics

Network Quality Analytics provides an in-depth look at how an application behaves on different wireless networks. Detailed real-time and historical information identifies network issues as they occur and allows for rapid response to issues and outages.

True Gapless Handover

Our patented True Gapless Handover technology intelligently transitions between networks to ensure uninterrupted communication. Ideal for voice-over data and other real-time communication applications.

Link Aggregation

Our patented Link Aggregation solution improves video streaming, voice, data, and augmented reality applications by combining the throughput from multiple network types for higher reliability and faster speeds.

Advanced Diagnostics

Real-time network and application monitoring enables more effective network control. Solve issues as they are happening and take proactive measures to maintain the overall health of the network or the application.

Ideal For

Mobile Network Operators

Enterprise App Publishers

Multiple System Operators

Small Cell Operators

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