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Do more with our powerful suite of digital tools.

Launch your own branded engagement portal with powerful tools that bring you new revenue streams, increase your online sales, and improve your customer loyalty and retention. Engage your users in real-time with live streams, stories, targeted promotions, incentives and tailored content, all in one place.

  • Communicate - Create your own online community and always stay connected to your end-users.
  • Engage - Elevate customer experiences and increase loyalty through powerful, real-time communication features.
  • Transact - Monetize your brand with pay-per-view content, subscriptions, one-time payments, donations and eCommerce sales.
  • Analyze - Gain insights and intelligence on your customer interactions through data collection and robust reporting.
  • Optimize - Tailor your services and improve your targeting to create a powerful community network, on Web, iOS and Android.

Build more valuable connections with your customers.

Engage your users in real-time with live streams, stories, targeted promotions, incentives and tailored content, all in one place. OctopusSpace makes it easy to build brand loyalty and deeper engagement with your customers, users and fans.

Loyalty programs and rewards

  • Engage users with multiple loyalty tools.
  • Easily onboard partners to your loyalty programs.
  • Reward your users with digital coupons that can be spent and used both online and offline.
  • Flexible coupon activations from any internal or external point.
  • Flexible coupon system that provides features such as: coupon validity, max. number of activations per user, activation cooldown period, total number of issued coupons, and more.
  • Allow coupons to be visible or redeemable on specific locations and for specific user groups.


  • Launch your own, impeccable, user friendly, online store in few easy steps.
  • Sell your physical or digital products globally.
  • Subscriptions for your services or courses now can reach any customer.
  • Our flawless set of tools will help you focus on the user experience by providing categories, convenient filtering, easy navigation, search options and other powerful capabilities.

Live Stream

  • Monetize your global audience.
  • Deliver unforgettable virtual events and workshops for your fans, students or business partners.
  • Use Livestream feature as an efficient, cost-effective way of reaching your customers and employees globally, giving them a unique, real-time experience.
  • Build trust and create more dynamic and engaging way to provide your customers with a first-look demonstration of your product.
  • Ensure that your events reach your audience, no matter from where they watch.

Social media posting, sharing and more

  • Communicate fast and efficiently with your followers using Posts.
  • Build a strong connection with end-users by posting authentic images or videos, and always keep them updated about your brand.
  • Increase engagement by showing them your company culture, give quick information or tips about your product and follow their reactions and comments.

Promotion and advertising

  • Create promotional online leaflets for your channel followers.
  • Easy way to push existing or launch your new product.
  • Create call to actions and immediately engage with promo readers.
  • Segment your promotions for specific target groups and locations.

Help Deck

  • All communication between you and your end users in one place.
  • Provide customer service and resolve any issues instantly or just chat live with your customers about new promotions and products.
  • Enable help desk to allow users to send you messages - supporting 1-way and 2-way communication.
  • Use video call for face-to-face meetings with your customers.
  • Save agents' time by using Chat Bots and Canned Responses tools. Track agents' progress, average handling time, average response time and overall help desk statistics.

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