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Sensorium, a Carnegie Technologies company, helps companies of all sizes realize the benefits of IoT with our comprehensive suite of sensor monitoring solutions.

Sensorium, a Carnegie Technologies company, helps companies realize the benefits of IoT solutions and integrate them into their business. We provide companies of all sizes with a comprehensive suite of tried and tested sensor monitoring solutions that use the best hardware and software in the IoT industry to solve real business issues and create new business models.

Our team of IoT experts helps you identify what solutions are best suited to solve your issues and works with you to ensure a simple, hassle free implementation. From monitoring the temperature and humidity in your refrigeration units to tracking high value equipment on construction sites and much more, we have the right solution for you. We can also set your solution up to send data and receive data from your current systems so that it becomes an integrated part of your business.

With Sensorium's sensor monitoring solutions, now you can quickly realize the benefits of IoT including streamlining processes, reducing costs and generating new revenue streams. Find the right solution to solve the problems you're facing today.

Hyperlocal attention. Hyperactive growth.

IoT integration is becoming essential for efficiency in multiple industries. With Sensorium, our business partners and solution providers can lead IoT in their markets and delight customers with our dedicated support team and best-in-class offerings that solve problems for businesses, cities, homes, and more.

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