Valorus Technologies

The white-label fintech solution designed to drive recurring revenue

Valorus helps companies realize new recurring revenue with our comprehensive, simple-to-deploy, white-label fintech solution. With Valorus's fintech, companies can significantly reduce customer churn and increase profitability - all while maximizing competitive advantage and staying digitally relevant.

With Valorus's fintech solution, companies can:

  • Give their customers an easier and cheaper way to receive, transfer, and move money in real time worldwide
  • Turn payroll into a profit center and pay employees, contractors, and vendors directly
  • Reduce merchant processing fees
  • Finance microloans, payday loans, and equipment
  • Buy and sell select crypto currencies

Valorus also offers companies a series of value-added services that, paired with our fintech solution, rapidly increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Valorus Products

Engagement & Rewards

Enrich the in-app customer experience with features including loyalty programs, coupons, customer care and multimedia chat; develop personalized customer profiles for more targeted outreach using data insights; and add value to your partners with a built-in marketplace.

Music Streaming

With over 40 million songs customers can ditch their other subscription services and use your branded channels to stream their favorite music.


Valorus's home phone and WiFi calling capabilities give you the ability to provide customers with everything they need to stay connected with friends and family.


Supply customers with invaluable knowledge to help them better understand the factors that will impact their health - all at a competitive price.

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