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Transforming the Boards of Tomorrow. Today.

NXTBoard empowers boards to transform the way they work with anywhere, anytime access to its all-in-one board management and strategic planning board portal software and board consulting services.

NXTBoard, a Carnegie Technologies company, has a singular mission: to support boards in transforming the way they work. To go beyond board management and shift the focus from administering meetings to driving action, from frustrating to frictionless, from simply overseeing to driving positive change. By choosing to work with NXTBoard, boards can operate at the highest level of governance today and maintain accountability as governance evolves.

We make streamlining processes simple, so board members can spend their time making a difference instead of shuffling through papers.

From hosted board packets to enhanced search and connected calendars, NXTBoard enables boards to not only run efficiently and reduce costs, but also set goals, take accountability and collaborate effectively so goals are met. Built-in reporting visualizes goal achievement, so boards can rally around making progress.

Our suite of online tools meets the highest levels of security, so boards can rest assured even the most sensitive of information is protected.

Say goodbye to dysfunction and give yourself the freedom to focus on making a difference.


The NXTBoard platform is a first-of-its-kind board portal that combines board management and strategic planning features so that board members and executive teams can not only increase efficiencies and decrease dysfunction but can also increase member accountability and give boards the ability to truly drive results.


Board members face many frustrations. From simply understanding what their role is, to finding the time to prep for and attend board meetings, they also find themselves working alongside a diverse group of individuals, often with different personal agendas. Technology is only part of the solution. Our Board Consulting services provide the other.


NXTBoard makes streamlining processes simple so board members can focus on what really matters - driving outcomes.


NXTBoard helps increase the transparency and accountability of governing boards and board members to their key stakeholders.


NXTBoard enhances collaboration and communication so that boards can function better and ensure alignment on their vision, mission and values.


NXTBoard provides boards with the ability to establish, adopt, monitor and report on the right goals to achieve outcomes.

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