Add coverage. Not infrastructure.

Ubiquitous access across licensed and unlicensed networks is becoming a critical element of service provider strategies to improve customer experience, reduce churn, support new revenue streams and reduce costs. The Network Convergence Platform by Carnegie Technologies provides the critical factors for success:
a smooth user experience with our industry leading True Gapless Handover™, Bandwidth Aggregation, Wireless Access Manager and more.




Hi-Fi Voice™ and Rich Messaging

Carnegie's Hi-Fi Voice™ and Rich Messaging app allows you to use any network like it’s cellular – make and receive calls and send SMS wherever you are, even when roaming or on Wi-Fi – with one number that follows you everywhere you go, on any device. The HVRM app is white-labeled and branded to the operator – giving you full control of the primary interactions with the customer.


Bandwidth Aggregation

Our patented aggregation solution improves video streaming, voice, data and conferencing applications by combining Wi-Fi and mobile networks for faster speeds and higher reliability.


Wireless Access Manager

Our Wireless Access Manager provides real-time cellular and Wi-Fi network evaluation and selection based on policies set by the operator, allowing for seamless integration of Wi-Fi and cellular networks.


Key Technology

Network Quality Analytics and Advanced Call Diagnostics

Gain a global network quality awareness and remotely monitor application experience based on crowdsourced user measurements. Reduce churn and improve customer satisfaction by resolving issues proactively.


Key Technology

True Gapless Handover™

Our patented True Gapless Handover™ technology seamlessly transitions between Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity to assure uninterrupted communications. Ideal for voice over data and other real-time applications.