real-time network evaluation

The Connection Manager from Carnegie Technologies provides real-time cellular and Wi-Fi network evaluation and selection based on policies set by the operator, allowing for seamless integration of Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

Selecting a network based on signal strength is like selecting a highway based on the number of lanes – it works well when there is no traffic, but if the highway is congested you end up with slow speeds.

Yet modern phones use this simplistic metric to decide the number of “bars” of quality a network has – completely ignoring the amount of congestion. Our Connection Manager incorporates true end-to-end quality measurements representative of application performance to ensure you get on the best network



  • Policy management:
    Dynamic policy system to control handset behavior based on location, network, device state, and more
  • Network management:
    Automatic switching to Wi-Fi with auto-authentication, and back to mobile when Wi-Fi is poor
  • Quality monitoring:
    Global network quality understanding based on crowdsourced user measurements
  • Lightweight client:
    Small application, low data usage, minimal battery use
  • Multi-platform:
    Supports Android, iOS, and Windows with self-hosted on-site or cloud management
  • Real-time reporting:
    Web-based reports with REST/JSON query interface
  • User experience:
    Measures actual user experience, WAM reports how well web, video, and VoIP work for users
  • Notifications:
    Communicate directly with users with unobtrusive notifications
  • Data usage tracking:
    Avoid bill shock and compare operator and private Wi-Fi usage
  • Complete customization:
    Branded operator application, or use the NCP SDK for integration into existing apps
  • Standards compliant:
    Compatible with Hotspot 2.0, ANDSF, WISPr, and ITU G.107/G.1070/G.1030 industry standards
Flexible, branded hotpsot map shows nearby hotspot locations online or offline

Flexible, branded hotpsot map shows nearby hotspot locations online or offline


  • Enable device or application to automatically select the best network available
  • Understand network quality, even for users on Wi-Fi
  • Automatically authenticate to Wi-Fi portals (EAP, WISPr, and custom)