Carnegie Technologies Acquires Pravala Networks

Announces Rebrand of Its Wholly Owned Subsidiaries Focused on its new Network Convergence Platform™

San Antonio, TX (November 30, 2016) – Carnegie Technologies announced today that it has acquired Pravala Networks, which develops seamless mobility and connected vehicle technologies.  Carnegie also announced that it is rebranding Pravala along with its wholly owned subsidiaries SpectrumMax and CablEnable under the Carnegie Technologies brand. 

The acquisition and rebranding creates a powerful, holistic Network Convergence Platform™ for mobile network operators, wireline carriers, Internet service providers and smart car manufacturers to improve customer experiences while supporting new revenue streams  - all without adding additional infrastructure.

The new Network Convergence Platform™ from Carnegie Technologies delivers ubiquitous access across Wi-Fi and cellular networks, expanding the pool of data and voice capacity for mobile network operators.  It also enables wireline carriers and internet service providers to add wireless services to their offerings and supports new applications and business models, which rely on access anywhere, including smart cars and autonomous driving technologies.  

The Platform’s products and solutions deliver the critical factors for success: a smooth user experience with our industry leading Hi-Fi Voice™ and Rich Messaging applications with True Gapless Handover, Bandwidth Aggregation and Wireless Access Manager.

“Mobile users have come to expect ubiquitous connectivity, and more and more devices and apps are requiring it in order to properly function – but truly gapless handover from one network type to another has remained elusive for most carriers,” said Paul Posner, CEO of Carnegie Technologies.   “We’ve developed the Network Convergence Platform to deliver on the promise of persistent sessions across all network types, helping to significantly improve the customer experience and reduce churn while supporting new revenue streams and reducing overall costs.”

The products and capabilities included in the Carnegie Technologies Network Convergence Platform include:

  • Wireless Access Manager: providing real-time cellular and Wi-Fi network evaluation and selection based on policies set by the operator.  Seamless integration and truly Gapless Handover between Wi-Fi and cellular networks improves indoor coverage and customer satisfaction
  • Hi-Fi Voice™ & Messaging: allowing use of any network as if it’s cellular and reducing operating costs – subscribers make and receive calls, send messages wherever they are, even when roaming or on Wi-Fi.
  • Bandwidth Aggregation: improving video streaming, voice, data and augmented reality applications by combining Wi-Fi and mobile network throughput for faster speeds and higher reliability.  Policy control based on QoS, best effort, highest quality or cost.
  • LaunchPad: designed for MNOs and delivering a revenue-generating extension of Carnegie Technologies’ Hi-Fi Voice™ and Rich Messaging application that brings the full features of major OTT messaging platforms white-labeled for the mobile operator.

“We’re very excited about our expansion and rebranding of Carnegie Technologies, as we bring together the most innovative and powerful technologies to allow carriers of all sizes to remain competitive and to deliver on the promise of connectivity everywhere, all the time,” added Posner.

“Seamless integration of fixed and mobile telephony is a requirement in our key markets of retail, hospitality, and medical practitioners and institutions, and the Network Convergence Platform has allowed us to deliver that always-on connectivity that our customers need and want,” said Peter Van Der Salm, CEO of Cloud Connect, a leading provider of hosted Wi-Fi and VoIP services in the Netherlands that has selected and deployed Carnegie’s Network Convergence Platform™ . “We have a long history of co-operation with various providers of fixed-mobile integration solutions (FMC), and have now joined forces with Carnegie Technologies as we feel this is the most advanced FMC solution available today.”


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