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It's Not About 5G: Your Mobile Customer Craves Uninterrupted Connectivity

While the promise of 5G networks captures imaginations, proactive wireless operators can capture mobile customers. Learn why and how you should take action on network performance and QoS from the articles below.

Ambient connectivity isn’t the new normal—to most connected consumers, it’s the only normal. Wherever a mobile customer takes their smartphone, they expect a high-speed wireless connection to follow. They expect to stay connected as they go, especially while using VoIP and streaming applications.

Flawless service is impossible, but better service is how successful companies stand out. 5G is still years and expensive upgrades away for most cities and mobile customers, but a breakthrough in network speed and reliability doesn’t need to wait that long.

There are challenges. How do you assess your network performance from the perspective of an individual user’s handset, so you can fully understand and address the mobile customer’s experience? How do you relieve congested networks of traffic, and help customer devices make smarter connection decisions in crowded network environments? What do you do to ensure video calls, livestreams, and augmented realities stay connected as users cross between cellular and Wi-Fi?

These are problems 5G is supposed to solve. But Carnegie Mobility Solutions’ NCP software suite can solve them today, without the need for new technologies or upgraded handsets.

Learn more about the Carnegie Mobility Solutions’ Network Convergence Platform and the ways it can help your network from the links below, or by visiting www.carnegiencp.com.



Key Quote: "While the mobile community is excitedly talking about the future of 5G at this week’s Mobile World Congress, we’re enabling these next-gen experiences for operators using LTE, Wi-Fi and existing handsets," said Ben Toner, general manager of the mobility business for Carnegie Technologies. "There’s a lot of discussion that 5G is necessary for the ultra-reliability and critical tasks that are required for the next generation of mobile application demands and overall customer satisfaction, but we’re proving that operators can deliver these benefits to a global customer base this year without having to wait for the 5G groundwork to be completed."



Key Quote: “With the average mobile end user making 48 connections per day, there’s inevitably going to be dropped connections that will impact interactions with your brand. The sheer number of connections and the transition between wireless networks causes interruptions, making calls, streaming and network requests to pause, run slowly or disconnect.”



Key Quote: “A strategic investment of this nature can be a win-win for operators and mobile customers. On the network side, operator benefits include increased revenue, improved customer loyalty through enhanced user-experience, early entry into the market of high QoS networks. and improved scale by coupling subscribers’ connections with the Link Aggregation capabilities of NCP. Customers reap the rewards of quality Wi-Fi-supported mobile experiences for Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony and multimedia streaming, along with similar performance improvements to all other connection-dependent applications, all while using less cellular data.”


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