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NEWS / 10.24.18

Carnegie Technologies Announces Opening of New International Offices

Strategic expansion continues as global demand for Longview™ IoT grows AUSTIN, TX (October 24, 2018) – Carnegie Technologies, which develops products and services that enhance and expand capabilities in connectivity and optimize the way things get done, announced today the opening of new corporate offices in Santiago, Chili; Buenos Aires; Kuala Lumpur; London; Los Angeles; and Miami.  This expansion marks Carnegie’s first South American and Malaysian footprints and continues the Company’s growth in the United States and Europe.


NEWS / 06.19.18

Xfinity Mobile: 'Convergence of Wi-Fi and mobile is imminent'

By Claus Hetting, Wi-Fi NOW CEO & Chairman


NEWS / 03.12.18

Carnegie Satellite Solutions at Satellite 2018



NEWS / 02.28.18

A Glimpse into the Future: Continental demonstrates Predictive Connectivity Manager

Our collaboration with Continental is hitting news outlets this week.  Continental will be unveiling the Predictive Connectivity Manager at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona. Read more here.

  • BY Alena Liebram, FEBRUARY 26, 2018 
Barcelona, February 26, 2018. It’s a problem all too familiar to those who spend a lot of time driving in rural areas: Mobile network reception is poor, with phone calls suddenly cutting out or music streaming coming to a halt. In many regions, lower bandwidths and high latency still diminish the user experience and prevent drivers from seamlessly transferring their digital lifestyle into their car. In response, technology company Continental has developed a Predictive Connectivity Manager that “looks” into the future to determine network availability and reception quality along the route so that it can then take appropriate action.


NEWS / 01.12.18

2018 Technology Predictions

2017 was an interesting year in the mobile communications space, to say the least - both for Carnegie Technologies itself and for the industry as a whole.  At Carnegie, we experienced an exciting growth year, with the openining of a new Austin headquarters, lots of hiring and the acquistion of the advanced SmartSwitch technology from Chemring.  As an industry, among other things, we saw unlimited data plans return to the marketpace and the FCC vote to eliminate net nautrality.  2018 is sure to be another wild ride, and here are a few of our industry predictions to start the year off with a bang:


NEWS / 12.06.17

Austin Gets New Tech Win as Carnegie Technologies Opens Global Headquarters

AUSTIN, TX (December 6, 2017) -- Carnegie Technologies, a leading innovator of disruptive wireless connectivity solutions, announced today the official opening of its new corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas.  The company will keep its employees and existing offices in San Antonio; Kitchener, Ontario; United Kingdom; Australia; and Serbia as it continues to grow its Austin presence.


NEWS / 11.15.17

Carnegie Announces the integration of the smartswitch

Delivers the Most Complete Package for Combining Wi-Fi and Cellular For The Optimal User Experience Austin, Texas (November 15, 2017) – Carnegie Technologies, a leading wireless connectivity solutions provider, announced today the integration of the SmartSwitch advanced connection management technology into its Network Convergence Platform (NCP). This move creates the market’s first end-to-end solution that allows mobile devices to optimally and consistently combine Wi-Fi and cellular networks to ensure users enjoy their mobile experience. Operators deploying NCP can now provide robust and uninterrupted service to their users while ensuring the maximum data is used on Wi-Fi - a true savings for operators and customers alike.


NEWS / 11.01.17

Carnegie Technologies Acquires SmartSwitch From Chemring Technology Solutions

Combining Forces to Deliver the Most Comprehensive Mobile Wi-Fi Experience Solution Austin, Texas and Romsey, UK (November 1, 2017) – Carnegie Technologies, a leading wireless connectivity solutions provider, announced today its acquisition of the assets of SmartSwitch from Chemring Technology Solutions Ltd, a subsidiary of Chemring Group PLC (LSE: CHG), which pioneered a comprehensive connection management solution for MNOs and MSOs for their Wi-Fi HetNets.  The strategic acquisition of the SmartSwitch assets brings 3GPP ANDSF and Hot Spot 2.0 compliant connection management technology that Carnegie will integrate into its Network Convergence Platform. The acquisition also includes a supporting patent portfolio as well as extensive experience and knowledge that complements that of Carnegie.


NEWS / 06.27.17

In the news – Carnegie and Continental Collaboration

Our new collaboration with Continental is hitting many news outlets this week. Here's a sampling from PC Mag.  

Over-the-air (OTA) software updates are commonplace these days; we hardly notice them unless badgered by pop-ups when new software arrives. But as cars become computers on wheels, the need for OTA updates is now crucial, especially with the threat of connected, autonomous vehicles being hacked. With the exception of Tesla, only a few mainstream automakers offer limited OTA or manual updates, and they are mostly for infotainment. Mega automotive supplier Continental wants to change this. At an event I attended this week in Germany, the company introduced an OTA update platform that could not only keep car software current, but also enhance connectivity and security. Read the full article here. 


NEWS / 06.14.17

Carnegie Technologies Teams Up with Continental for Network Convergence

Deal brings secure, fast, reliable and gapless connectivity to connected vehicles Austin, Texas; Kitchener, Ontario; and Hanover, Germany  (June 14, 2017) – Carnegie Technologies, the industry’s leading wireless connectivity solutions provider, and the technology company Continental announced a deal today that further expands Continental’s portfolio of holistic vehicle connectivity for vehicle manufacturers by integrating Carnegie’s Network Convergence Platform. Under the agreement, Continental is reselling Carnegie Technologies’ Network Convergence Platform as part of Continental’s Smart Telematics portfolio for vehicle manufacturers. The solution runs on Continental’s next generation telematics control unit (TCU) with a supporting cloud-based component for analytics and diagnostics.   As cars move along the roadways, this technology provides bandwidth aggregation and gapless handover of calls and data for faster speeds and seamless switching between different networks, such as Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G, and satellite. These capabilities are essential for new data-intensive applications such as autonomous driving and over the air (OTA) vehicle updates, ensuring that vehicles and drivers can always make use of the fastest, most reliable and most secure network connection available to the automobile.