Carnegie Announces the integration of the smartswitch

Delivers the Most Complete Package for Combining Wi-Fi and Cellular For The Optimal User Experience

Austin, Texas (November 15, 2017) – Carnegie Technologies, a leading wireless connectivity solutions provider, announced today the integration of the SmartSwitch advanced connection management technology into its Network Convergence Platform (NCP). This move creates the market’s first end-to-end solution that allows mobile devices to optimally and consistently combine Wi-Fi and cellular networks to ensure users enjoy their mobile experience. Operators deploying NCP can now provide robust and uninterrupted service to their users while ensuring the maximum data is used on Wi-Fi - a true savings for operators and customers alike.

Carnegie’s new NCP with advanced connection management delivers the best and most consistent user experience as mobile customers move about their day between cellular, Wi-Fi and other networks, whether they’re streaming video, using voice, data and even augmented reality applications. As they move between Wi-Fi services, NCP will constantly seek the best Wi-Fi service and aggregate with cellular in cases where there is not enough bandwidth, so users have a consistent quality of experience. The end-to-end solution includes wireless Connection ManagementBandwidth AggregationTrue Gapless Handover and Network Quality Analytics – all driven by customer-specific policies set by the operator or content provider. 

Until now, the integration of Wi-Fi and cellular networks has been a complex problem, as devices favor a Wi-Fi connection. Much to the users’ frustration, as service providers roll out 802.1x automatic authentication, Wi-Fi connections are happening when it may not be optimal for the application.  If the device is connected to bad Wi-Fi, more data goes over the cellular network, creating high data usage, which is why attempts by device manufacturers have suffered in the past. Carnegie’s Bandwidth Aggregation uses operator policy to automatically find and authenticate the best Wi-Fi possible before using cellular, while still guaranteeing a performance that matches a user’s expectations and data plan.

“Our new NCP with advanced connection management is a game changer for both users and providers alike, as it delivers a one-stop shop for selecting the best networks, making those transitions between them smooth and transparent while providing real-time operational insight and analytics for business intelligence,” said Ben Toner, product manager of Carnegie Technologies’ Mobility Product Portfolio. 

The Network Convergence Platform was developed using patented technologies for policy-driven intelligent network selection, advanced power management, and smart authentication; it is fully interoperable and real-world tested with ANDSF using the Cisco Policy Suite, including 3GPP ANDSF and Hotspot 2.0 compliant connection management technology. NCP’s Policy Management allows operators to tailor each and every individual user experience to match their expectation and deliver the best customer experience possible.

“Customers have different needs and expectations, depending on which kind of plan they may be on, and our Network Convergence Platform with advanced connection management will always make sure the network selections and transitions are smooth and essentially go unnoticed - as far as the customer knows, their service just works the way it should,” added Toner.  “For example, a user on a premium plan with unlimited data does not want to end up on Wi-Fi with less quality than cellular; and on the flipside, the customer on an economy plan will prefer to be on Wi-Fi any chance they can get and will use their mobile apps accordingly.  Carnegie gives operators and content providers an understanding of that user and how and when they’re switching networks with connections that are aligned to customers’ expectations.”

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