Management of Large Outdoor Sites: Making It Easier With IoT

Being a manager means bearing the burden of responsibility.

On large-scale outdoor projects, working with powerful equipment and dealing with a litany of potential hazards, that burden can be significantly heavier. Whether it’s equipment allocation and procurement, employee productivity, contractor billing and accountability, employee safety, or all of these at once, the buck stops with you.

You’ve probably heard about the dawning of a connected world, where tiny devices talk on huge networks that span cities, regions, even countries. Have you ever thought this would take some of the pain and cost out of your own job?

Construction foreman observes his site using a high-visibility IoT app on a handheld tablet


This might not look like the place for cutting-edge connectivity... but it absolutely is.

If you manage a large outdoor site, or if you work on one and recognize the need for a higher level of organizational efficiency, you’re in prime position to benefit from the Internet of Things (IoT).

There’s an enormous marketplace already blossoming full of IoT products that will offer you remote vision of all your tools, people, and operational concerns at once. The ability to remotely see individual assets and personnel at any given moment—and observe trends over time—will ease your management burden and help you get better results with less headaches and less wasted labor.

One of our own companies, Longview, has built an exceptionally secure IoT solution that’s simple to install and operate and ideal for large-scale outdoor deployments.

Longview’s Managing Director, Brad Bush, recently conducted a webinar on how well-crafted IoT deployments can help managers of large outdoor sites get better results, at lower costs, while driving improved general and employee safety.

“Until recently, it’s been difficult and expensive to track and manage the things that matter most on large outdoor sites,” states Bush. “Now, thanks to IoT technologies, you’re able to see more than ever before, at any given moment. The Longview IoT Solution gives you the visibility to bring down operational costs and elevate workplace safety in an easy-to-deploy, comprehensive solution.”

Management of large-scale outdoor projects in construction, oil and gas, and other industries is getting easier, safer, and less costly thanks to the remote vision the Internet of Things provides.

Mr. Bush’s full webinar and accompanying write-up are available here.


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