New Brand, New Management – What it Means for the Industry

A couple of weeks ago we announced a complete rebranding of Carnegie Technologies, bringing CablEnable, SpectrumMAX and Pravala Networks under one consistent umbrella brand and integrating these three powerful technologies into our new Network Convergence Platform.  Today we announced our new management team, some relatively new to us and some have been working with Carnegie for years under our other brands. 

Peter Feldman (COO/CTO of Carnegie Technologies), Paul Strusaker (CTO of Carnegie Labs), Kurt Bauer (Managing Director of Global Sales and Business Development) and Matt Hovis (CMO) are all part of the team that will be helping to change and shape our Company and the wireless communications industries for years to come.   At Carnegie, we believe that human capital is the most important resource we can cultivate as an organization, and we’re proud to have attracted such outstanding leadership to drive our product development, sales, marketing and operations as we move forward and grow. 

Not only will this fine team impact Carnegie and our success, but, together with our game-changing technology developments, we’ll have far-reaching implications on the mobile telecommunications industry as a whole, benefitting both consumers and providers alike.  As we deliver our Network Convergence Platform to the marketplace, mobile operators, wireline carriers and internet service providers can expand their pool of data and voice capacity as well as add wireless services, new applications and new business models that rely on access anywhere.  Consumers will also get the benefit of better coverage, lower costs and no gaps of service when switching back and forth between cellular and Wi-Fi networks. 

You’ll be hearing a lot about Carnegie’s mobile communications innovations in the near future and better yet, experience them for yourself as wireless customer experiences improve and carrier business strategies evolve and expand.   Stay tuned to our blog for thought leadership from this great new team as we blaze new trails and make the wireless industry stronger and better for everyone.


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