We're Now Carnegie with a New Brand

It’s been an exciting year at Carnegie Technologies, and it’s culminating in a complete rebranding of the Company and its wholly owned subsidiaries.   We are now moving forward in the marketplace under one cohesive, fully integrated brand with technologies and services that are already having a tremendous impact on the wireless communications industry.

We started by acquiring Pravala Networks, which is focused on intelligently managing a vehicle’s connection to the Internet in order to improve the safety, reliability, functionality and efficiency of connected cars.  We then brought our CablEnable and SpectrumMax products under our new brand and integrated these three powerful technologies to create the Network Convergence Platform™ by Carnegie Technologies.  This is a true example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, and we’re excited about its impact on the wireless, connected car and cable industries.

With the Network Convergence Platform, mobile network operators, wireline carriers, Internet service providers and smart car manufacturers are improving customer experiences while supporting new revenue streams- all without adding additional infrastructure.   The CEO of Cloud Connect, a leading provider of hosted Wi-Fi and VoIP services in the Netherlands, commented on why his company selected and deployed Carnegie’s Network Convergence Platform™:

“Seamless integration of fixed and mobile telephony is a requirement in our key markets of retail, hospitality, and medical practitioners and institutions, and the Network Convergence Platform has allowed us to deliver that always-on connectivity that our customers need and want,” said Peter Van Der Salm.  “We have a long history of co-operation with various providers of fixed-mobile integration solutions (FMC), and have now joined forces with Carnegie Technologies as we feel this is the most advanced FMC solution available today.”

We’re also working with providers in the United States, Asia and Europe to help them deliver on the promise of seamless connectivity everywhere, all the time for mobile customers.   Stay tuned for more information, upcoming case studies and thought leadership that will help providers expand their network capacity, add wireless services to their offerings; and support new applications and business models that rely on access everywhere all the time – all without additional infrastructure or capital expenditures.


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